Thursday, December 22, 2016


Race rights. Women's rights. The fear of the powerful. Frail kings. Civilization. Civil discourse. The dissonance of new media, confirmation bias of ignorance, complacency, submission, servitude, brainwashed by doublespeak, a faulty self-dialogue, the imprisonment of the mind. Flawed logic of supposedly rational categorization. A fleeting hope, running a course redirected swiftly by the hand of oppression, the subjugation of the mind, so easily triggered into a frenzied state of blind devotion, appealing to their basic desires. Banking that cash for war and suffering. Make a wager. Hunger is easy capital. The military industrial complex. The prison industrial complex. Insatiable monsters. Off with their heads. We're all dying to know and to understand, to have a place on the world's stage. Scatter our ashes on Mount Lee. The Disneyfication of freedom. Buy a ticket and stand in line. Capitalism is a totalitarian, and supposed socialist solutions just the dressed up rhetoric of emperors, slave masters, and drones.