Thursday, May 25, 2017

Simple Genius

He writes when not driving
A mailbox that leans
She paints interesting things
Shower curtains and cuddling
"It's nice to meet a real poet"
Chicken and pasta
Needs more garlic
Broken down
But cucumber cool

An electric sabotage
Un cane stronzo
An apple on Wednesday
Pellet gun suicide on Friday
Cupcakes and chess on Saturday
"Taking a shower with a raincoat on"
Empty page opportunities
Black and white love
Another poem on Monday

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bus Crackers XI

Tom on the bus      reading books of poetry
Autism - head tension - nicotine vapor
Bump through the night
That thump thumping

A tingle in the arm
Swelling legs
Tired eyes

Sharing styes
You only live once
Through one thousand lives
Pockets of lint for the leeches

This is how the saints dance
This is how to make romance
This is how men wear pants
This is how they create chance

Cat people smell like litter boxes
Drunks smell like piss and vomit

Aching for the tailpipe methane
Broken down climate control
Three flat tires
Overdue for an oil change

Caffeine and peanuts
Newspaper and nail clippers
There is no spell check in hell
Neither freezing nor boiling

Luke warm white toast
Bottles of hot sauce
Commodore reboot

Ripping out teeth
The driver whistling
Shouting at windows
Grinding another day

Bump through the night
That thump thumping

Eat another soul and
Cheat a black hole

Bump, bump through the night
That thump thumping

Monday, May 22, 2017

Obese Minds

Fuck their poetry
Trite so-called poets
Humble outside
Pure ego in
Mountains of unnecessary pages
Contrived inside and out
A fashion statement
Nothing to satisfy my canines
I'd rather be reading
This book of dying Plath
Masturbation ejaculating puffs of air
Farting and frumping
Withered away
Pale and dry
Langston would spit
Writing words with empty pens
I gave them ten seconds to grab me
No, okay, ten more
Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling
Interesting use of white space
If that's your thing
The result is manufactured
Snowbirds drowning in the desert
Weak hands without a callous
Soft hands and soft will
A popularity show
If it was on paper
I would tear it to pieces
Set in on fire
And piss on the ash
Instead, I write a poem
But I am neither poet nor writer
And nor are they
Sad vampires
Bridges crumbling
They will stab each other in the asses
As soon as she senses a threat
It is their way
More poetic than their poems
No one reads words these days
It's an idiot pursuit
They care more about the pennies
They hate thoughts
A theater of psychosis
Delusions of chaos
A novel of words
Filled with blank pages
Filling pages like their mouths
If Bradbury knew
451 degrees to it all
They put the art in fart
And the ake in fake
The blood-sucking tic in plastic
Yes, [sic] and sick
I can do this all day
There's no need for a spectacle
But that's all they look for in words
Sloppy and bloated words
I have their lies on tape
I have a new maxim
Those that can't do become critics
This is not even half the story
Their poetry
Classic white-on-white appropriation
Stop reading this poem
Bloated hounds
A sinking showboat
Never left the kiddie pool
Glorified collectives
AA meetings without the addiction
Only addiction to the self
As a child she had aspirations
To become a suicidal heroin junkie
As a man he clings
To delusions of leadership
Obese minds create obese bodies
There's no character to assassinate
Merely their confabulations
A righteous movement
Sitting on a couch
They are not looking for friends
They are looking for followers
Splicing together fragments of feces
Dangling from their chins
Frame by frame 

                      As usual, I call bullshit  

Monday, March 6, 2017

College Diplomas

I would much rather have a pile of debt and degrees than be a cowardly dropout with a GED.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Elementary Poetry School

Write words every day
Every day a new word play
Say what you want to say
Sculpt a tiger out of a lump of clay

The words that ache inside
Do not let them die
If you need to rhyme
Rhyme with precision and time
Shine light on clouded lines

Growing stronger
Use them and fight

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Broken Noses Bloody Fit

Broken noses bloody fit
Dive in headfirst

Time to dance
Time to sacrifice

Selling blood for this

Friday, February 17, 2017

To the Supporters

My fellow Americans,

You are smarter than this man. He is a leader, but more importantly, a servant of the people. A servant that does not care for you. We all make mistakes. It is never too late to turn your back on a crooked billionaire. It's your money he's spending.

Please, you are smarter than this man. He does not speak the truth. You know the truth.

Thank you for your time,
some white guy

The Betsy DeVos Anthem

Education is alternative facts for suckers.

Shoot, shoot, shoot that bear in the face.
Shoot, shoot, shoot it, right in the face.

 Hey kids! You shoot me, I'll shoot you, and
We'll shoot, shoot, shoot that bear in the face.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Friday Night Scottsdale Rock Star

(the scene is an act)

The only escape                                           Say goodbye
From this place                                             Time to fly
Cease from haste                                         No more lies

In this game                                                  Say goodbye
Time                                                              The past has died
Rots                                                              a million reasons why
Demons haunt
Will lost                                                        Say goodbye
                                                                     Fade into the night
This word play                                               never loose sight
Helps calm the day
Close and closer to the words to say             Self Assure
What’s going on                                            the never is near
Try to make bonds
Soon everything is gone                                 Never bend
                                                                      Soon the heart will mend
Attitude                                                         the End
Straight from the pursuit                                 Time to get out
                                                                      Kill all doubt
Long awaited change                                        I like to shout
Break through the pain
Writing a new page


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Damn the Man

Growing up, I used to say, "Damn the man"
And when the man would come
I ran

My friend's mocked me
"More like, damn the man until he comes"

I still say, "Damn the man"
And when he comes
I run

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Old Lame Ass Poetry

So They Say

Bang.  Shot down.
They heard it around town.

Only fourteen centuries ago, so they say.
But things are better these days.
These days we've got it made, so they say.
So they say.

Well, they say a lot of things.
Don't they?
As they wait until the bell rings
With naive anticipation of what tomorrow brings.

Crash.  Run down.
They heard it all around town. 

Only five decades ago, so they say. 
But things are better these days.
These days we've got it made, so they say.
So they say.

These days the our Bundy clocks are in digital.   

Tomorrow Starts Today

First verse was completely rewritten,
because it sucked. For this reason,
the first verse has been withheld

Because I will scorch this earth.
Tear it all down right now.
Just to see you smile.
Why I walk these miles.

I will scorch this earth.
Tear it all down right now.
Just to see you smile.
Why I walk these miles.

Fuck their god and fuck its plan.
I'll slap that bitch when I can.
Live for you, it's what I do.
Don't worry son, I'm cuckoo too,
And this they can't undo


I will scorch this earth.
Tear it all down right now.
Just to see you smile.
Why I walk these miles.

I will scorch this earth.
Tear it all down right now.
Just to see you smile.
Why I walk these miles.

I will scorch this earth.
Tear it all down right now.
Just to see you smile.

A Slug's Ending

Quietly he fades into the night. A soldier so loud. Once with so many dreams. Hopes to light a fire while pissing in the wind. To band and unite an energy chaotic and disjointed. It must be. The end of a tragic phase of failure. Empty handed and still banging his head on the pavement. The beat of a movement. A fleeting appreciation. His blood ignored. An internal dying, a thousandth shedding. He now buried under dirt. Transform and dig from this womb.
In a fortnight, reborn.

Flagship Forefathers

Self-ignorant, flippant, and deceitful. Self-absorbed, irreverent, and full of shit. Fully funded and pampered. Catchy slogans, merely the tide charts of fools. An apostrophe of wisdom to hide the sentiment: "This is going nowhere."

Another Madman Poem
A beast inside
I like him there
Their eyes
They cringe and shy

He comes out in times of doubt
World of object and waste
He sees through the lies
This industry of rape
It burns my eye
We need a new shape
Back to the beginning
The conclusion is never far

Some Quotes from Some Readings

"Nationalism is not the awakening of nations to self-consciousness; it invents nations where they do not exist." - Ernest Gellner (1965)
"Foucalt's work permanently changes one's understanding of how people are governed in modern society." - Brent Pickett
"If you set your goals ridiculously high and it's a failure, you will fail above everyone else's success." - James Cameron
"You should sweat like you're being chased by the police daily." - Joe De Sena
 Technology: "[A] form of art that bridges culture and social structure, and in the process reshapes both." - Daniel Bell
"The 'cold monster' of the state is profoundly limiting as a way of rendering intelligible the way we are governed." - Nikolas Rose
"Who says organization, says oligarchy." - Robert Michels
"Thank god, they are not as intelligent as we who kill them; although they are more noble and more able." - Ernest Hemingway (Old Man and the Sea)
"Deviant behavior is behavior that people so label." - Howard Becker (identity and behavior are often determined by how we are defined and classified within society)
 "Women's domesticity is a circle of learned deprivation and induced subjugation." - Ann Oakley
"Communication is power." - Tony Robbins (Unlimited Power)
"now it's computers and more computers, and soon everybody will have one, 3-year-olds will have computers, and everybody will know everything about everybody else long before they meet them, and so they won't want to meet them. nobody will want to meet anybody else ever again, and everybody will be a recluse like I am now." - Charles Bukowski
"I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let's start with typewriters." - Frank Lloyd Wright
"Let's declare war against the center, against all centers, all authorities in the name of difference." - Steven Seidman ('queer' is not just about resisting the norm but challenging the very idea of normal behavior)
"Hovstad: I think a newspaperman who turns down any chance to give the underdog a lift is taking a responsibility that I don't want. I know perfectly well that in fancy circles they call it agitation, and they can call it anything they like if it makes them happy, but I have my own conscience... Isn't it time we pumped some guts into these well-intentioned men of good will? Under all that liberal talk they still idolize authority, and that's got to be rooted out of this town. This blunder of the water system has to be made clear to every voter. Let me print your report." - Arthur Miller from his adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's An Enemy of the People