Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Beast of a Dream

Souls scattered along this vast escape
Death feeds upon the breaking twilight
Fueling the angry wind that shakes the dawn
Fine feathers sing the cooling shade of trees
Stomping out emptiness with the symphony of time
Lost jewels to be found by future saints
Stoned into silent repercussion that echoes of cosmic harmony
The highest bidder pays a penny
Ravenous daydreams dining without napkins
Goblin worship of pathetic mediocrity
A contract signed in ancient intellect
Designed for throwing tomatoes at altars of oxidized bronze
The true prophet a leaf that falls and death merely a dissolve assimilating the stretching empty everything
The pages unwritten

The Transdimensional Railroad

Brave cattle under starlight disenchantment, A step to the morning of greater division
A grave battle of finer perfection, Shaky in the bliss of forgotten and dissolved matter
Ignite, set height and ignite
There is no beginning to this end, and once over they dance in chaos
Electric green shades of hope and desire, A monument to personify a moment
Bodies touch immaculate in a confusion of love
Inflated ego the opiate that drives this train, Drains blood from the fingers callused by thorns of cotton
A clouding doubt swelled up and fat, Chocolate that satiates the nerves until the harvest ends
Here is an offering, Here is the frost bit limb sentenced to solitary confinement
Flesh blacken and useless like the soldier of cock and beaver
Are we even still alive?