Monday, July 23, 2012

High School Street Gangs

Where did they all go? I thought it was something special. Disjointed and completely unorganized, but unique, dedicated, and ready to make something happen. Yet, it was all an illusion. A fleeting fashion of over-indulgent intellectualism. A mere grasping for a taste of rebellion's cathartic nectar. A sensation to fill a void of adolescence. We clung to a fool-proof plan made by fools, and we have yet to admit our failure. We have failed to look self-deception in the eye and invite him to the banquet. We labeled our masturbation profound and continue to ejaculate inaction. Strong boys with angry tongues but sad hearts. Spirit come, spirit go. Today they smile, tomorrow they frown, tomorrow they smile, today they always frown.

We walked canals and alleys and vacant midnight suburbs, church grounds and high school football fields, your block and my block, stole candy bars and melted ice cream cones on the pavement for fun, we shared chamber remnants while trespassing on trimmed lawns and Magic was always the first one out, there was hitmen and hippies, punks and loud guitar, Hollywood and heart, broken hearts and ink pen tattoos, hysterical drunken laughter, and we would watch the sunset rise until our eyes bled green. Starlight of the future and marching forward, we took the stuff on his sleeve, and discovered that the earth is in fact flat, we rode skateboards and rollerblades while digesting round-earth conspiracies, we built multinational corporations and gave them away to charity, we ate eggs and cheeseburgers at 24-hour diners, staring and drooling at melting faces, chain-smoking through pots of coffee and baskets of grease. Suddenly the wave crashed. Blink. We Winstoned up and died of heart attacks and cancer and sadness and neutrality.

The Fucking End.