Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to Learn

Education should not simply be the methodical memorization of facts. It should be a opportunity for self discovery, growth, and a tool that can later be put to good use.

In this world of ever-changing mystery uncertainty always arises. We overlook particular perspectives when we talk of free will. What forces guide you? What sources guide me? Are they the same that guide you? What drives you? What do you want for yourself? What do you want for the world? How do you make sense of the stars when their light shined years ago? A new path can always be created, and then changed if you so desire. Still dying; still barbaric. This land does not need us. It is fighting back. It is fighting us. The little man is ignorantly losing and blindly complacent. They are feeding their children’s brains to the highest bidder. We are making it harder and harder to escape. It’s just so simple. We can just walk away.

One by one the skyscrapers come crumbling down. This poison they fed me is pretty damn good. With age the mind starts to wander. The mind starts to wonder. I must stay sharp and focused. The stagnant stench might as well be decomposing flesh. Astrological miscalculations don’t bother me. Will you let the blame pull you down, or accept responsibility for your mistakes? This is the magical art of self drowning. The body bubbles to the surface and then sinks below.

 Their brands and slogans are child molesters of the mind. Take another pill, and another for when the pain comes back around.

What if the world stopped spinning? In my mind it already has in this vast escape of human mass. America! Do we know how to sing the songs unsung? What are we afraid of? Don’t give them your freedom. We give it away so easily, but the joke’s on them. We can always take it back. The lies and blinders make it harder, as they wipe the crime scene down.

Subversive by nature; misguided by gratification. When do we start to practice and not preach? The plants will not grow without water.  The government is restricting your download speed. Johnny 5 needs more input. Devour every byte, every syllable, you only live twice. The flag seems forever at half mast. Take the money and ask questions later. Welcome to the “New Normal.” The one percent makes do, our faces black and blue, barefooted as we shine their shoes. Keep getting fatter and burning fossil fuels. I’m reinventing the tools. This exquisite design, there’s something weary on our minds. Keep grinding away.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012


a very rough draft


Why did this happen to you?
Is there nothing I can do?

I can't change this, Can't take it all away
I wish there was more I could do, I will always do more
I will keep fighting for you, 'Till you find that door
I don't need a metaphor I love you

I can stop my tears,but I cannot stop yours
It's not right, and it's not fair
It's not a choice, and it's not a game

They don't see your beauty
Fuck them anyway

I don't care if you're normal
I just want you to be happy

You are so precious my son,
And that's all that really matters
That's All That Matters!

I can stop my tears, but I cannot stop yours
I will keep on fighting for you, 'Till you find that door
I don't need a metaphor I love you

You are so precious my son,
And that's all that really matters
That's All That Matters!

Fuck this label and fuck their straight lines
Fuck this poisoned planet and fuck this 2-9-9

You are so precious my son,
And That's All That FUCKING MATTERS!

Monday, February 13, 2012

They Call it Self Plagarism

The Answer is Revolution

…Whatever that may mean to you.
2.8% and growing.  The pull it has on our lives is tremendous.  We water it down, but Big Brother is hiding in the bushes.  The human brain only using 10% is a lie.  Sugar free gum sales are up.  “I’m a poor speller,” is a crutch used for far too long.  I too am guilty.  It is merely a device used to dismiss ignorance and growth.  34% of Americans may never be able retire “at this rate.”  “At this rate,” it means we have a choice.  Inventing a job is always better than finding one.  What do his shoelaces have to do with relativity?  I need more coffee.
Morbidly obese lazy American, that’s all I am.  That’s all you are.  Kiddnapping has tripled in Mexico.  ¾ of total kidnappings of the region are assumed to go unreported.  Do the math.  The human trade reports growth in 2011.  When will the postal service collapse?  Will they get billions in bailout?  I could use a stimulus package.  It’s only a matter of time before the seamstress will be completely replaced by machine.  20 miles of oil stretch out across the ocean.  2,263 dead birds and the number rising.  The walls of Pompeii collapse.  What do you do when the disease spreads?  Do you have enough water?  Can you shoot them in the head?  The shit tends to hit the fan when you least expect it.  I’m always going to be a color outside the lines, write off the page, kind of guy.
“How quickly one accepts the incredible if only one sees it enough.”                 
I Am Legend by Richard Matheson
It’s the ones who tell me not to censor myself around them that get mad the quickest.  Whining and complaining will get you nowhere.  Refusing to settle or accept their excuses could assist us in taking over the world.  Okay.  Stop.  Take a break.
The world – planet earth – does not need us.  Statements such as “save the world” or “save the planet” are flawed.  Yes, the globe is on the brink of ecological disaster (well kind of already is destroyed.)  However this is because of us, humans, not the planet itself.  Earth does not need us to help her.  If you have not noticed the planet is already planning its future existence without the human race.  Once we have forced ourselves into extinction the planet with continue on without even batting an eye.  Certain species will remain, and self healing and repairing will begin.  “Save us from ourselves,” is most likely more along the lines of what you radical liberals mean to say.
Do not let them in.  Fake and drown out your emotions.  They’ll thank you for it in the end.  It’s better to fake not caring oppose to faking that you do.  Better to be a strong leader instead of a pussy-footing passive aggressive bitch.  This system is not governed by the rules of fair play.  It may be worth your while to strike the slogan “it’s not fair” from your repertoire of complaints.  We are addicted to The Dream; blinded by a farce.  This is a way of life that goes against the fabric of our being.
This world is so twisted.  Something like Sarah Palin shooting you in the face and 1,000 rednecks picketing outside the hospital.  Keep setting goals my friends.  Keep succeeding and failing, writing and learning, fighting and burning.  Yesterday was the time to surrender to your path.  It’s time to take this world back.  Keep laughing because I’m dead serious.  Now is the time to start investing in water.
Yes I know my enemies.  They're the teachers who taught me to fight me.”
Know Your Enemy by Rage Against the Machine

                                  - Jofrin Pezzati (written sometime ago)

Theme #17

Our era is a heritage of flawed design
A system of belief authored by greedy minds.

It's bombs and guns and psycho nuns
I have dynamite fun to make 'em run
Head first, into the sun
They wear their suits while we loot

You can spend and consume, or
You and me and her and him
We can burn this empire--down
At the top or underground
We will burn this empire--down

Pyramids and tribes, white house lies
We've got a surprise, called demise
The iron fists, of global economy
With combat boots, our mouths shoot

We can spend and consume, or
You and we and every single one of us
We can burn this empire--down
One man or a crowd
We can burn this empire--down
Like the tree that falls
We make a sound (so loud)

We will burn this empire--DOWN!

                  - February 13th, 2012

Hello Earth

After reading my original introduction I found that I was missing a couple extremely important adjectives.  Here is my corrected blog intro...

This is me.  Not much to say right now, but I'm letting this space ship blast off.  Who knows where it will take me?  A friend suggested that I start this.  The raw, uncut, unedited, and dirty writings of Jofrin Pezzati.  I am going to attempt to make this a, as much as possible, bullshit free blog.  I've got some links and extras on the sidebars.  If you want, check them out.  If not, then don't.  It's that simple.  I may throw an ad or personal plug somewhere in here along the way, but this is most likely just going to be me droning on like a madman.  Who is me?  Jofrin Pezzati.  I'm not great at "About Me(s)" and shit like that so...again like I said there's links and extras in the sidebars.  I hope to motivate, offend, enrage, empower, and bring happiness to your lives with my writing.

Hello Earth, welcome to my blog.

Taken from B.E. Smarter

Fear, uncertainty, anger, and so many other emotions unnameable cause a flood upon the psyche that could not be escaped.  I do not entirely know why, but I feel that I must write.  I must write for the sake of writing.  It does not matter what the outcome may be.  Its length is not entirely important.  Yet, it should be as lengthy as possible and with heavy substance when possible.  It seemed as though today was a normal day.  I woke up more rested than normal.  My stress level was no more than usual.  The bus ride to work was as enjoyable as possible.  Then something happened.  Suddenly pessimism and doubt creep in.   Then an utter sadness takes over.  And I am helpless to what is going on inside of me and all around me.  I am not this person that as acting this way.  I do not want to give up control, but it is me that I am fighting with over power.   The worst part about the circuits misfiring and breaking down it is that the psyche does not schedule appointments.  I guess it had been a long time coming.  Today may truly be an “emptying of the cup.”   At least a large spilling.  I will have to slowly learn this new circuitry; harness and distribute power effectively.  Getting older really is a bitch.  I am extremely poor and  I am extremely fortunately.
Its going to be a hot summer.  Heat like death.
As usual I should be in bed.  I always feel like I should be doing something.  Whether it be cleaning, writing, developing an idea, feeding kids, checking the mail, taking out the garbage, getting to the bus five minutes early, calling someone, I don’t know something.  There is so much more starting than finishing.  Starting to develop a new idea, starting to clean, you get the point.  The true moments of satisfaction is when something is done.  No matter what the outcome really.  Like anyone I hope for the best.  Sometimes the ways of Gaia force you into making the eggs scrambled.  I do not feel like I am doing the best that I can though.  I fucking hate the fat excuses of America, and I’m a good thirty pounds overweight again (with a fifty dollar incentive for losing it all.)  So fucking do it now.  Don’t wait.  Who really knows if it will be here tomorrow, and at least you can say you fucking tried.  Even though I have attempted to cleverly insert the word fuck I totally understand that I being completely “cliche.”  Fuck you.  Its true.  Why just wait to curl up and die?  Why just make do? There is always something that needs to be done.  Finding balance within the chaos is key.  Its not so much getting old as is it how you do it.  Exercise, vitamins , stretching (Yoga is just a snoty way of saying stretching,) self and preventative maintenance are all necessary.  Quit smoking (at least cigarettes.)  Read and learn.  Keep your mind sharp.
Do not spend time relying on other people.
Who knows what the future holds.  There is so much focus on the end of the world.  Armageddon, the apocalypse, global warming, whatever it may be no matter what we do our individual worlds always come to an end.  After that no one knows.  You can pretend and convince and manipulate people into thinking that you have the answers.  That you know some divine secret that only overly tan housewives watching Dr. Oz know.  Bullshit.  Its all a crock of shit.  Fables to learn from at times.   And at times falsified history less reliable than cave drawings.  Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking are much smarter than the average religious fanatic.  Yes, I know that it is obvious, and still it seems necessary to point out.  I’m slightly rambling because I would like to hit my 775 word per post minimum.
So what’s bothering you?
Well I’m not going to say publicly.  That is partly why there is no real format or subject to discuss in this post.  When is there ever?  This is merely an experiment in personal therapy.  A way of trimming off the fat of going crazy, and at the same time a space adventure; a traveling to a different galaxy. A way to lay out some goals – stay fit and healthy, stay motivated, stay sharp, quit smoking, etc.   Repetition is extremely helpful when setting goals (especially goals of broad generalization.)
Find your own way out.
There’s something in the air that children should not be breathing.
Fuck the walls.  It feels like all of civilization is falling down around me.
The armies are marching.
I can hear them as they prepare to storm the front door.
Goodnight world.  I will rest so that I can fight you again tomorrow.  I will  clean my face so that your agents cannot see as easily into my mind.  I will be calm for now, bear the pressure, and ingest this pollution.
                                                                                         - June 2011

Freedom of Thought is Education

            The world is a vast array of different cultures, opinions, ideas, and personalities.  Despite some people’s unwillingness to accept conflicting opinions, the freedom of thought and idea is an essential key to effective learning because without new ideas a student cannot grow; when students are open and respectful of others’ opinions they learn from perspectives they may not have otherwise.  How a student approaches this idea is a matter of their individual ethics.  My own personal ethics are based in the “Rights - Responsibility Lens” with a primary concern of autonomy.  My ethical behavior is defined as attempting to seek out the best outcome while protecting a student’s rights.  New ideas promote educational growth.  An open attitude toward different perspectives and opinions can lead, not only, to a student’s educational growth, but also their personal growth. 
            Diversity within the learning environment should always be approached with openness, and students must always be respectful of each others’ ideas and opinions.  When students disagree with each other, they should ask questions and seek explanations.  Under no circumstances should another student be insulted.  This could led to some students feeling alienated from their learning environment, and a violation of the Code of Conduct.  If I were to witness the suppression of an individual’s rights, I would report any unreasonable violation.  My own weakness is that I am, at times, overly judgmental and opinionated.  While I strive to have the best intentions, I could be blinded by my motives and not see flaws within the methods that I use.  To protect an individual’s freedom I must be aware of moments that I may not be excepting of foreign dogmas.  Fellow students and I will benefit, and I will be upholding proper conduct necessary of an ethical student. 
            A particular strength that I have is that I am extremely independent and rarely rely on the help of others.  When I do it is within the bounds of acceptable behavior.  It ensures that I am at all times completely honest about the work that I have completed.  This individuality and policy are a pivotal element in upholding academic integrity.  A lack of autonomy and individuality of work and ideas threatens the integrity of the entire learning community.  These ideas should be allowed by all parties of a learning environment to flow freely without fear or insecurity.  Suppressing an individual’s ideals is like plagiarism in that it does not allow personal and unique qualities to show through work. 
            One of the most important reasons that a learning environment should promote the diversity of ideas is that it provides the most successful and enriched learning environment to the entire community.  This diversity helps to introduce students to new ideas and the world all around them.  When close-mindedness is introduced all parties suffer.  Not only do the victims suffer, but also the individual unwilling to be open to diversity suffers the most.  Biases toward race, sexual preferences, and religious views hinder the student’s ability to take in new information that can create extremely compelling growth.  These biases can compromise a student’s educational future, and dependent upon the severity disciplinary action could lead to expulsion.
            Working as an ethical learner is the knowledge on oneself, having openness to diversity, and adhering to the Code of Conduct and Integrity.  Honest work and individuality of ideas upholds the Code of Integrity.  When a student is respectful of the diversity of individuals and ideas, they are in compliance with the Code of Conduct.  Freedom of individual thought and ideas is the very definition of learning and education.

Hello Earth

This is me.  Not much to say right now, but I'm letting this space ship blast off.  Who knows where it will take me?  A friend suggested that I start this.  The raw, uncut, unedited, and dirty writings of Jofrin Pezzati.  I am going to attempt to make this a, as much as possible, bullshit free blog.  I've got some links and extras on the sidebars.  If you want, check them out.  If not, then don't.  It's that simple.  I may throw an ad or personal plug somewhere in here along the way, but this is most likely just going to be me droning on like a madman.  Who is me?  Jofrin Pezzati.  I'm not great at "About Me(s)" and shit like that so...again like I said there's links and extras in the sidebars.  Welcome!  I hope to offend, enrage, and bring happiness to your lives with my writing.