Thursday, February 7, 2019

Sticky Note Blues

Let’s pluck the wings off this butterfly
Burn the cardboard box of lies
A fragment of your imagination
A tick tock in the brain goes pop
Hit it! Rollerblading on Saturn’s rings
I need to buy a puppy and a Pepsi
That humming
This dragon’s bloody head
That black cat outside our window
Fruit punch sacrament
It’s doesn’t get along well with others
We don’t either
A good luck charm
Sharing oranges
Caterpillar race on the highway, meaningless
A needle in the spine for fun
Double dip the psycho chocolate b-a-n-a-annas
My shit is Gilbert Grape
I say, take a baseball bat to the motherfucking dead horse
That’s just how I roll

We never got those milkshakes
Incomplete to-do lists
They say I do not communicate my thoughts and feelings well
Maybe I’m T-O-A?
Shmucks that schmuck through life high on hairspray and cupcakes
Dead slot machines, Styrofoam
Little lads that cut the throat of the devil
Stab the heart of god
No biggie
Drive-thru satisfaction
Fulfillment an entirely different direction
Two glasses of ice water with ice
Dull razors taste better in the desert

Surfing three moons to the left
Of a heartbeat
They’ll betray your birthday and dig down to the marrow
The wolf's piss in their bottles of chili is a good start
Silence will be my greatest opus
Lollipops, licorice, and hand grenades
Morticians on the boardwalk selling lemonade
They will win at pain

Once I start rhyming about grenades and lemonade, I know I’m doing too much. Or maybe not? "Put it in a virtual drawer and never think about it again." I got bored with this one eventually, so I stopped. It happens frequently. So be it. Vaffanculo!