Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Randoms 2018

He said to take the train out of Coca-Cola city, but you bought a Pepsi.

There's no more pain to inflict
You cannot kill me anymore than I am dead
A long unending end
I am nothing, discarded
Tossed aside, thrown away, i rifiuti

This is not real
It's all a fucking sham
Phony and fake
Destroy what is real
Live your delusions of grandeur
Your father plucked out your eyes
A perfectly positioned persona
To placate that aching pulse
I know what it is
I carry it too
It's not me
It's not you
It's something only we go through
Tell 'em you're alive
As you die inside

Visions of ultraviolence and pain
Digging into the center of flesh
Dreams of cutting out the mindbrain
Get out and move forward
Take it or leave it
It's all purely insane
Broken bones and burning homes
Doused in cologne

Just clearing out some old memos, so I can throw away, delete, and most likely never think about again. A dopo!