Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bus Crackers XI

Tom on the bus      reading books of poetry
Autism - head tension - nicotine vapor
Bump through the night
That thump thumping

A tingle in the arm
Swelling legs
Tired eyes

Sharing styes
You only live once
Through one thousand lives
Pockets of lint for the leeches

This is how the saints dance
This is how to make romance
This is how men wear pants
This is how they create chance

Cat people smell like litter boxes
Drunks smell like piss and vomit

Aching for the tailpipe methane
Broken down climate control
Three flat tires
Overdue for an oil change

Caffeine and peanuts
Newspaper and nail clippers
There is no spell check in hell
Neither freezing nor boiling

Luke warm white toast
Bottles of hot sauce
Commodore reboot

Ripping out teeth
The driver whistling
Shouting at windows
Grinding another day

Bump through the night
That thump thumping

Eat another soul and
Cheat a black hole

Bump, bump through the night
That thump thumping