Sunday, February 5, 2017

Things I Typed Today

Most leftists I know are simply propaganda machines for Republicans.

When the so-called experts are terrible at making predictions, I tend to see Internet predictions as just another excuse to waste time. It is a way of attempting to say something compelling without really saying anything at all. However, I am sure there are a few people out there that find the bullshit compelling and thought provoking, and therein lies the perpetrator's true motivations.

Many people will tell you to "shut up," "get over it," or whatever they've been cultivated to say. However, I say, you should stop talking about him so much in order to help take away some of the power that he holds over us. If language shapes our reality, by decreasing, or intentionally suppressing, the rate and presence of a particular concept/symbol within a language, we distance ourselves from that reality and work toward removing a concept/symbol from our language and reality. In some ways, I am also asking you to strip him of his name and title without needing the approval of your "fellow Americans."

         The spine of your soft stance cracks under a gentle breeze.