Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Friday Night Scottsdale Rock Star

(the scene is an act)

The only escape                                           Say goodbye
From this place                                             Time to fly
Cease from haste                                         No more lies

In this game                                                  Say goodbye
Time                                                              The past has died
Rots                                                              a million reasons why
Demons haunt
Will lost                                                        Say goodbye
                                                                     Fade into the night
This word play                                               never loose sight
Helps calm the day
Close and closer to the words to say             Self Assure
What’s going on                                            the never is near
Try to make bonds
Soon everything is gone                                 Never bend
                                                                      Soon the heart will mend
Attitude                                                         the End
Straight from the pursuit                                 Time to get out
                                                                      Kill all doubt
Long awaited change                                        I like to shout
Break through the pain
Writing a new page