Monday, July 15, 2013

An ILLustrated Mess (Republish)

Lately, it seems as though my level of cynicism grows daily. I am often quick to outwardly reflect the animosity I feel toward particular mediums.

However, the root of my condition is merely an attempt to purge life-force-draining energy rather than breed additional dark matter and chaos.

Not necessarily elitism, but instead simply not settling for work that I feel lacks passion and natural charisma.

Many instances in which I attempt to be inspired by others' work, I feel as though I come out of the situation with a cup of salty tap water and the type of stimuli that an old hag's warts arouse sexually. Therefore, I feel obligated to purge and unabashedly express my distaste.

This is not one of those instances.

Upon rare occasion, a fleeting suggestion of random recommendation magically crosses my path, and the icky storms of mediocrity and loathing abruptly subside. Released in June, An ILLustrated Mess describes A Lack of Creativity as neither a mixtape nor a demo, but rather a, "Little pre-demo demo tape." Whoa. A pre-demo? While I fully understand the concept, with a total of seven quality tracks, I would categorize A Lack of Creativity as a solid first ep. Yet, the distinction lacks importance, and despite modesty A Lack of Creativity inspires applause and a heightened degree of powerful appreciation.

Based out of Flagstaff, An ILLustrated Mess delivers a slick and classy composition of intellectual lyricism and hip-hop beats set upon a backdrop of melodic jazz loops. Reminiscent of Deep Puddle Dynamics or a forest dwelling Tribe Called Quest, A Lack of Creativity resonates with sentimental yet brutal optimism and vibrant energy.

Meanwhile, even in moments of bolstering a lyrically inflated ego, An ILLustrated Mess continues to be unpretentious and impervious to harsh criticism.

An ILLustrated Mess offers A Lack of Creativity as a free download.

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This article was originally written & published for a different publication in November of 2012. I was pretty well drained when I wrote this. I guess I went a bit off the rails of musical blog sanity. Shit happens.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Viable Solution

Does anyone remember Chris?
Does Chris remember Chris?
He had a voice so strong,
and power behind a fist

He was a curse of nurture over nature
They would point a finger, and I fell too
The tides that seize the soul retreat so quickly
Like a memory that slips so intentionally

I will  lend you a hand, but will not invite you in
This town, these cowards (superficial) have worn me thin

I should have learned from Chris
I should have stuck to my list

Back and forth and round and round
And back and forth and round and round
And forth and back around

I guess it's just our way
I only get one today
Only so much to take
You can seize the stage
Blaring out, Across the crowd
But here you have no voice
Here you have no say

I should have learned from Chris
Sometimes the answer is as simple as a fist

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Flags in the Wind

Pick a side and wave a flag
Wave it high and wave it proud
You need it now, Silly clown
Pick your side and hold it close
Raise your arms up to the sky
Take a shot, Try it once

Pick a side and tear me down
You get one shot, Take it now
This ends here, On this night
Just one shot, That's all you get
I warned you once
I warned you twice, but you
Pick a side and wave a flag

Wave it high and wave it proud
This ends here, On this night
Wave your flag, It's all you have
Wave your flag, Wave your flag