Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pony Show

Only in my attempt to show that I am strong do I find I am weak. Not satisfied. Skeptical. Afraid. Not of death or any of that horseshit. Worse. Self-reflection. Truth. Terrifying, for they too are the same. Whoever they may be, as I retreat to obscurity. Disappointed and anxious. My revolution is posies at best. Determined. It always starts, "We took a wrong turn back on the highway." What follows, I've worked hard to avoid. Not a breakdown, but the point where the program realizes there is a hardware malfunction. The engine, running hot and stuck in second gear. To call the necessary repairs "an upgrade" would be cliche. Personally, I like cliches, but not in original form.

System overhaul. Both software and hardware working harmoniously for a common purpose and vision. A vision in which the tree grows to its greatest potential with an ever expanding space to grow. Mechanism grounded. Positive charge. Ready main controls. Installing software...

Loading...  (This may take a few minutes)

Please wait for system reboot.

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