Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Album Release - The End

As usually I'm am initially announcing the release of my new album here on my blog. The new album "The End" can be found at If you care enough, please actually download the album. There's a .pdf cd booklet (green baby!) that I took some time on and corresponds with the album and individual tracks. There's also some bonus tracks with the download. It's free (unless you want to pay) or else I would not make the suggestion. Thanks for reading this and my blog. If you happen to listen to or download the album thanks for that too.

Written and recorded May 4th, 2012
Released 10 May 2012
Written, Performed, and Recorded by Jofrin Pezzati.
Guitar - Jofrin Pezzati

Bass - Jofrin Pezzati
Drums - Jofrin Pezzati 

Recorded at Like Lightning Sounds Studio.

Edited by Jofrin Pezzati.

Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Burning Empire Media.

This album uses a variety of voice over samples and music clips taken from the Public Domain.

Copyright 2012. Burning Empire Media. All Rights Reserved.

A Note from Jofrin:

I was going to spend more time editing, refining, and working with these tracks. However, the process has somewhat consumed my life. I need to move forward and publishing this thing. I hope you find it, at least, somewhat entertaining. Thank you for your interest in anything I do.


Jofrin Pezzati

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