Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bus Crackers - Section IV

I found that I can tap into my wifi while at the bus stop. Simply wild. No better time to blog then while waiting for the bus. I can add a unexpected chapter as ants crawl up my legs biting my hamstrings while on mission to my ears. The little governmental agents want to find their way to my brain and insert ideals of infinite growth. I will not let that happen and I wage war upon their brothers. They may have already won. This story is already a tragedy of censorship, but like the ants I march on. I must have missed the bus. They sink in again. Dining upon my daylight white thighs like they're fresh raw chicken. The heat's rising temperature cooks the meal to perfection. A tattooed tweeker sits down. He asks the time. Under normal circumstances I would decline the courteous offering, but I was afraid he would shank me or bite me with his zombie teeth. He could not be a day over 23 but he has the yellowed teeth of a 90 year old Alabama farmer. Does the breath eventually just start to smell like ribs? Im becoming increasingly nervous as he paces back and forth. The bus should be here any minute. I need caffeine.