Monday, April 16, 2012

An AWFUL Release

Surprise! I am announcing and releasing my new ep AWFUL exclusively to Language is Synesthetic. The ep can be downloaded from at a (no minimum) "Name Your Price." There will eventually be free bonus material added to the full album download, but I wanted to have this published by a certain deadline. I wrote and recorded all of this Friday April 13th, 2012. It rained that evening. I added the samples and conducted the mixing last night. So, anyway, here it is:

This entire ep was written, recorded (in one take for each instrument), edited, mastered, and published in under 8 total working hours.

I will eventually upload some bonus materials that come with the full album download, and it will remain a no minimum "Name Your Price." Thanks.
- Jofrin
released 16 April 2012
Written, Performed, and Recorded by Jofrin Pezzati.

Guitar - Jofrin Pezzati
Bass- Jofrin Pezzati
Drums - Jofrin Pezzati

Recorded at Like Lightning Sounds Studio.

Mixed, Mastered, Edited, and Produced by Burning Empire Media.

This ep uses a variety of audio/voice over samples. All of the samples used on this ep were taken from the Public Domain.

Special Thanks: Cliff Hockersmith for appearing on "Punk as Heck."

Album Art:
Copyright 2012. William Dickey. All Rights Reserved.
25% of all sales of this album go to William Dickey for use of his art.

Copyright 2012. Burning Empire Media. All Rights Reserved.

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