Thursday, April 12, 2012


He lives within his own world. It is not a matter of bringing him into ours, but rather him allowing us to enter and see it to his. An interruption and he screams with terror. There is no way to tell the future for certain.

I am not supermanning to my potential. Purge. Input overload. Toxic and degrading. Wasting time.

 Writer's Block pt. 1
I say that there is not such thing as "writer's block" because it is an illusion used as an excuse. There are times that it does not come out as originally intended. Word choice can be a tricky devil. I am obsessed with the thesaurus. There is a chance that the victim has too much time on their hands, or their time is not used in a appropriate and effective manner. When there's a goal in mind the path may need a fork.

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