Thursday, April 5, 2012

Class is in Session - Vol. II

The Super Highway

The explosion of available information has made media coverage better. In my opinion, the change has made media coverage much better in many ways. The type, quality, level of truth, amount, reliability, accountability, and ways to access media coverage have all been improved. Due to the amount of coverage it may be difficult at times to sift through the vast amount of sources and, sometimes, outright false information that is out there. And while a few large corporations may own a large percentage of media outlets and conglomerates, there are hundreds of smaller independent sources of information. Many of which make it a point to provide coverage without the bad habits that conglomerates may have adapted. When I was a very young child there was only a few local stations and the daily newspaper. This narrowed perspective made it difficult for most people to get a clear view of the outside world. Especially, since the different stations and newspapers may have had a different style and approach but were generally covering a very narrowed set of daily stories.

When I was a child I was confused by my grandparents obsession with the daily newspaper. I could never understand why they were so concerned with what had already happened a few days prior. This opinion and perspective was of course that of a naive child, and like drive-in movie theaters, I never really buy a newspaper but I do not really want to see them go. However, now media coverage is almost instantaneous. Several television stations, internet sites, and radio stations are dedicated exclusively to news media coverage and providing information. While I love reading, why even buy a newspaper anymore? This also makes another benefit of the explosion of information clear. Eventually, the newspaper, which is primarily a waste of paper, will become obsolete and this change will mark a positive environmental change along with the already existing informational changes that are going on everyday.

The best part about the explosion of information and available media is that it makes it much more difficult for media outlets to "cover-up", "bury", or lie about a story. World leaders also have a much more difficult time hiding secrets and their true selves. I personally, do not care much about their personal lives, but I do want to know their true motives, intentions, agendas, and any laws they've broken in the past. We may doubt our own coverage of what is happening in the Middle East, but there are news outlets that focus their attention to the area with a primary agenda of reporting of what American coverage may be leaving out. There may come a time that this explosion could cause an over-saturation of information, but it would be very difficult to overshadow all of the informational benefits within the age of information.

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