Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Read more. Eat less. Do what needs to be done. Win. Instincts can not be ignored.  Never let the injustice wash over and fade. Educate yourself and them. Grind away at life. Organize yourself. Break the code and win a prize. This is meant to be disjointed. Random and lacking sense. My writing needs to be more needs to be more smooth. This is an exercise in precision and improvement. Understanding is unnecessary, but it could always be helpful. When a person pays attention to your details you have been granted the greatest gift. I have already overstepped my second person boundary. Three letters of weak rhetoric. My agenda is clear. Intention obvious. If there remains a doubt I will not be responsible. The more time that goes on the more I recognize the pathetic nature of finger pointing and the undying need that people have for blame. There tends to be a lack of personal responsibility within us all. The consequences of avoiding a look into one's own mirror dig deep into the psyche until they can no longer be eradicated. The delusion festers and grows encompassing one's entire existence. The person becomes the person that they have avoided. Do we even want to change or is it merely a matter of wanting to accept a pained personality. I want to sync my system with the patterns of the universe so that the dynamite of my mind's goes viral.

My dreams remain, but my disenchantment creeps in at times without warning. My defined cynicism feels more like truth than jaded experiences. A pessimistic optimist. The glass is neither empty or full. I do not need full disclosure for the situation to be fully disclosed. What bothers me most about censorship is the fear of truth. It has an inherent nature of attempts to hide and shadow the brutalities of man. Why bleep the word when the world is fucked. Man is fucked. Do not ignore the meta of metaphysics. Welcome to the new world order. One does not need to travel to "see" the world. It is right here at our fingertips. A sound unheard is still a sound. Neither the chicken or the egg came first. Seek an altered state because the state needs to be altered. Use language that makes sense. Use cliches when originality does not flow with ease. Define yourself. Define your dreams. When you want them to taste fruit say orange and light their minds with color. When you want to insert a subliminal message. I already have. Insanity is relative.

Make purpose transparent and wear your goals on your sleeve. Don't be those who shrug off change and progress. It is a flaw within their adaptive skills. Limitations are set by the user. Thwarting growth will decide design. Can you fly?

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