Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bus Crackers - Prologue

There's times that I find random writings from random times in random spaces and hidden places. I recently found a seven part piece of writing that, while severe edits are necessary, I decided to serialize randomly. I will will edit slightly when it lacks universal coherency, but will attempt to keep the piece as true to the original as possible. I did not read all seven parts, so I'm not exactly sure if a story is being told or this is simply a serialized rant.

"Bus Crackers" 

        People say that I am extremely intelligent. Many use the expression, "Too smart for your own good," and the sentiment is at the top of my list of phrases I loath. There have even been a couple of fully insane people who have stated that I am more intelligent than most people they have ever met. Thank you. Nonsense. I think I've just read literature written by people much more intelligent than I can ever hope to be. Now, I will not let that become an absolute truth because then I would be self-limiting my own intellectual growth, but as it stands now I'm simply well read. I also have impeccable taste when it comes to reading selection, and like any classic ditz I let every word wash over me; reciting the parts worth using throughout my life...Out loud these fucking morons know that it is better than gold. They can taste it at the end of the yellow brick road. This is an interlude to what will be and what has been. Henry Miller's tongue is live explosives. I do not share his penchant for whores, trollops, and cunts, but his language cannot be translated for some. This place reeks of evangelist ball sweat. I live to let it out. In public, under the watchful eye I must watch my mouth. While these seething perverts recite scripture and their burning desire to cum on a greeting card girl's face, I must watch my mouth. Orwell's pig loves Ronald Regan and drives a Mustang. I must watch my mouth as they climb the ladder. I worked hard and they gave my a $2,000 life insurance policy, $350 a weeks, and 3 days paid vacation. Please hold the applause.

        A 200,000 year life span that took less than a percent of the time to show our Roman habits. We wiped and flushed our whole shit pile like a crack head trying to ditch evidence as the D.E.A. kicks in the door.

                                                                                  It feels too late.