Monday, February 13, 2012

They Call it Self Plagarism

The Answer is Revolution

…Whatever that may mean to you.
2.8% and growing.  The pull it has on our lives is tremendous.  We water it down, but Big Brother is hiding in the bushes.  The human brain only using 10% is a lie.  Sugar free gum sales are up.  “I’m a poor speller,” is a crutch used for far too long.  I too am guilty.  It is merely a device used to dismiss ignorance and growth.  34% of Americans may never be able retire “at this rate.”  “At this rate,” it means we have a choice.  Inventing a job is always better than finding one.  What do his shoelaces have to do with relativity?  I need more coffee.
Morbidly obese lazy American, that’s all I am.  That’s all you are.  Kiddnapping has tripled in Mexico.  ¾ of total kidnappings of the region are assumed to go unreported.  Do the math.  The human trade reports growth in 2011.  When will the postal service collapse?  Will they get billions in bailout?  I could use a stimulus package.  It’s only a matter of time before the seamstress will be completely replaced by machine.  20 miles of oil stretch out across the ocean.  2,263 dead birds and the number rising.  The walls of Pompeii collapse.  What do you do when the disease spreads?  Do you have enough water?  Can you shoot them in the head?  The shit tends to hit the fan when you least expect it.  I’m always going to be a color outside the lines, write off the page, kind of guy.
“How quickly one accepts the incredible if only one sees it enough.”                 
I Am Legend by Richard Matheson
It’s the ones who tell me not to censor myself around them that get mad the quickest.  Whining and complaining will get you nowhere.  Refusing to settle or accept their excuses could assist us in taking over the world.  Okay.  Stop.  Take a break.
The world – planet earth – does not need us.  Statements such as “save the world” or “save the planet” are flawed.  Yes, the globe is on the brink of ecological disaster (well kind of already is destroyed.)  However this is because of us, humans, not the planet itself.  Earth does not need us to help her.  If you have not noticed the planet is already planning its future existence without the human race.  Once we have forced ourselves into extinction the planet with continue on without even batting an eye.  Certain species will remain, and self healing and repairing will begin.  “Save us from ourselves,” is most likely more along the lines of what you radical liberals mean to say.
Do not let them in.  Fake and drown out your emotions.  They’ll thank you for it in the end.  It’s better to fake not caring oppose to faking that you do.  Better to be a strong leader instead of a pussy-footing passive aggressive bitch.  This system is not governed by the rules of fair play.  It may be worth your while to strike the slogan “it’s not fair” from your repertoire of complaints.  We are addicted to The Dream; blinded by a farce.  This is a way of life that goes against the fabric of our being.
This world is so twisted.  Something like Sarah Palin shooting you in the face and 1,000 rednecks picketing outside the hospital.  Keep setting goals my friends.  Keep succeeding and failing, writing and learning, fighting and burning.  Yesterday was the time to surrender to your path.  It’s time to take this world back.  Keep laughing because I’m dead serious.  Now is the time to start investing in water.
Yes I know my enemies.  They're the teachers who taught me to fight me.”
Know Your Enemy by Rage Against the Machine

                                  - Jofrin Pezzati (written sometime ago)

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