Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to Learn

Education should not simply be the methodical memorization of facts. It should be a opportunity for self discovery, growth, and a tool that can later be put to good use.

In this world of ever-changing mystery uncertainty always arises. We overlook particular perspectives when we talk of free will. What forces guide you? What sources guide me? Are they the same that guide you? What drives you? What do you want for yourself? What do you want for the world? How do you make sense of the stars when their light shined years ago? A new path can always be created, and then changed if you so desire. Still dying; still barbaric. This land does not need us. It is fighting back. It is fighting us. The little man is ignorantly losing and blindly complacent. They are feeding their children’s brains to the highest bidder. We are making it harder and harder to escape. It’s just so simple. We can just walk away.

One by one the skyscrapers come crumbling down. This poison they fed me is pretty damn good. With age the mind starts to wander. The mind starts to wonder. I must stay sharp and focused. The stagnant stench might as well be decomposing flesh. Astrological miscalculations don’t bother me. Will you let the blame pull you down, or accept responsibility for your mistakes? This is the magical art of self drowning. The body bubbles to the surface and then sinks below.

 Their brands and slogans are child molesters of the mind. Take another pill, and another for when the pain comes back around.

What if the world stopped spinning? In my mind it already has in this vast escape of human mass. America! Do we know how to sing the songs unsung? What are we afraid of? Don’t give them your freedom. We give it away so easily, but the joke’s on them. We can always take it back. The lies and blinders make it harder, as they wipe the crime scene down.

Subversive by nature; misguided by gratification. When do we start to practice and not preach? The plants will not grow without water.  The government is restricting your download speed. Johnny 5 needs more input. Devour every byte, every syllable, you only live twice. The flag seems forever at half mast. Take the money and ask questions later. Welcome to the “New Normal.” The one percent makes do, our faces black and blue, barefooted as we shine their shoes. Keep getting fatter and burning fossil fuels. I’m reinventing the tools. This exquisite design, there’s something weary on our minds. Keep grinding away.

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