Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello Earth

After reading my original introduction I found that I was missing a couple extremely important adjectives.  Here is my corrected blog intro...

This is me.  Not much to say right now, but I'm letting this space ship blast off.  Who knows where it will take me?  A friend suggested that I start this.  The raw, uncut, unedited, and dirty writings of Jofrin Pezzati.  I am going to attempt to make this a, as much as possible, bullshit free blog.  I've got some links and extras on the sidebars.  If you want, check them out.  If not, then don't.  It's that simple.  I may throw an ad or personal plug somewhere in here along the way, but this is most likely just going to be me droning on like a madman.  Who is me?  Jofrin Pezzati.  I'm not great at "About Me(s)" and shit like that so...again like I said there's links and extras in the sidebars.  I hope to motivate, offend, enrage, empower, and bring happiness to your lives with my writing.

Hello Earth, welcome to my blog.

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